Bootleg Tiki Lounge Reservations Are Required - Space Is Limited to 40!!

All Donations of Thirty Dollars ($30) go to the Artists & Sound Technician

Here is what I will provide:

  • The Artists
  • The Covered Indoor/Outdoor Gathering Spot. This will be in the unique, intimate setting of the Tiki Lounge.
    • (My Address will be provided in your reservation confirmation email.)
  • Two glasses of wine (red/white) or bottled mineral water with each $30 donation.

Here is what you are asked to provide:

  • Your donation at the door - This is a per/human donation. (Aliens and Dolphins: Free)
  • Anything other than the liquids I promised to provide above, that you'd like to drink.
  • Anything you'd like to eat, but please be aware there will be less cooler space in the Tiki Lounge.
  • SEATING WILL BE PROVIDED in the Tiki Lounge.
  • A great attitude, or my large bouncers will have you removed immediately.
  • All the info below if you want to sit, stand or/or dance to the music.

There are specific reservation forms for each concert. See Music Cafe RSVP page for Chris/Nina.

Katie Kuffel Reservation Form:

Name - First and Last *
Name - First and Last
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