Bootleg Tiki Lounge Reservations for

The Cups Holiday Special & CD Release Party!

All Donations of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25) go to the Artists & Sound Engineer

Saturday, December 21, 2019 - 7:00 PM (Music Start)

Here is what I will provide:

  • The Artists

  • A comfortable indoor/outdoor covered area, with a raised stage and a professional Sound Engineer.

    • The Bootleg is in the Hollywood Park Neighborhood - address will be provided in your reservation confirmation email.

  • Unlimited amounts of H2O & Hot Tea and for this Holiday Special: Mexican Hot Cocoa/Egg Nog - with all the fixin’s.

Here is what you are asked to provide:

  • Your donation at the door - This is a per/human donation. (Aliens and Dolphins: Free)

  • Anything other than the liquid I promised to provide above, that you'd like to drink.

  • Anything you'd like to eat - and you won’t be asked to share.

  • Seating will be provided in the smaller Tiki Lounge. (2/3s of seats have some padding.)

  • A great attitude or my large bouncers will have you removed immediately.

  • All the info below if you want to join in the music.

There are specific reservation forms for each concert. (Please see tabs above to move to other RSVP Forms.)

The Cups Holiday Special and CD Release Party Reservation Form:

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Name - First and Last
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