The Bootleg Music Cafe & Tiki Lounge is located in the Sacramento, Hollywood Park Neighborhood.

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2nd Summer Series at the BMC&TL!

30 Years!?!

That’s right, Mumbo Gumbo has been bringing the rock, the funk, the zydeco, the jam, the blues, the LOVE for 30 years, and this anniversary year has brought a renewed joy in what they do so well, and with such groove.

This is truly a rare opportunity to see them in such an intimate setting. There will be space for dancing that will not block the views of those who prefer their Gumbo seated.

When asked by Folio Weekly Magazine: Nearly 70 percent of Flagship Romance’s shows are intimate house concerts. What’s that like as an artist?
Shawn Fisher replied:

We realized we don’t have to be “famous” to have an impact on people. In Phoenix, a man told us that the music video for “Scare Yourself” led him to have a genuine conversation with his 16-year-old son for the first time. In Leesburg, Virginia, a young girl told us that same song was her anthem when she was gaining the courage to come out to her family and friends. Our stories and songs about mental illness have connected with countless individuals dealing with the same fears, anxieties and insecurities. Showing up at a stranger’s home on a daily basis to gather around the hearth of music and find our commonalities in real time has shown us firsthand the vast differences and underlying similarities we all have as human beings.

In November, the music moves into the covered and enclosed indoor/outdoor Tiki Lounge for the second Winter Series





Do not miss one of the few stops on the Fall 2019 WOW Reunion Train!

They are

Bill Edwards - Tracy Walton - Joe Craven

And they will light up the Tiki Lounge in a style that could only come from the crazy- talented, and just plain crazy, minds of these three Artists

The Cups!

Holiday CD Release - Saturday, December 21st!

The Cups are Tracy Walton, Chris Webster, and Kathy Elzey, accompanied by Tom Phillips on guitar. The Cups bring their exquisite 3-part harmony and a what will be a hot off the press, Holiday CD to the Decked-Out Tiki Lounge.

I’ll be serving beverages to to bring a little extra cheer and rosy to the cheeks.


Saturday, January 25

According to John Book, Music Journalist & Producer: “Whether you’d hear her in a concert hall, a hotel bar, or in a recording studio, Duncan defines what singing is all about…”So just imagine hearing this Sacramento-based, Independent Music Award Winning, CMJ Top-40 Jazz Charting Singer at the Bootleg Tiki Lounge?! But why imagine? All the Cool Cats will be here.




Bill Edwards | Justin Farren

Can two Points make a circle? Most certainly.

On this night Bootleggers will be treated to Songwriters-In-The-Round. Two Points of Light using their witty, well-worn words to paint us pictures in the winter refuge of the Tiki Lounge.